🛸Twitter Fully Verified (2009-2020)
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📂 Format - login:pass:email:email pass:phone:auth_token(iff available)
Delivery Time - 0-12 Hours
🧠 Additional Information
The accounts are partially filled, have old posts, some followers, they are really high quality and naturally looking.

Confirmed by either mail or mobile phone number, some of them are fully verified. If the account is confirmed by mobile phone, the number is attached in the format.
When checking your account, use a proxy and an anti-detect browser or log using auth token (check our Telegram fo tutorial - https://t.me/nloaccs/20 )
If the account does not have a number, Twitter may ask you to link it, just do it, you can use https://5sim.net/ .
We are replacing an account with the status “Suspended”, just open a ticket.

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🛸 NLO Accounts is dedicated to delivering only the highest quality of accounts for a variety of Social Media Platforms. Please make sure that you know what you need accounts for and how to properly use them, any bans after successful login isn't our fault. Make sure that you use good proxies and don't bot a lot in the beginning, warm up each account in order to have the best performance in the long run!